Thursday, January 14, 2010

More Money, More Money!

Sitting at the coffee shop window with my 8 year old, I rummaged through my purse trying to find the correct amount for my latte. I didn't have as much cash on me as I thought, and I didn't want to use the debit card. Mostly talking to myself, I said "Dang, I thought I had more cash than that." The daughter in the back seat piped up and said, "Josh gave you $200 yesterday mom, what did you do with it?"! I replied, in my mom tone, that it was for bills. I told her I needed it for such things like the light bill, and the water, and the phone. She said, "Why don't you just not pay it mom? Then we'd have more money!" What an amazing idea Ashley, yes, I'll get right on that! She says "I think you should just not pay the light bill and the water bill. But keep the phone, yes, we need the phone!"
I then went in to detail about how if we didn't have electricity, we still wouldn't be able to use the phone because it has to be plugged in to charge, and to connect. Then she said "oh yes mom, we need the electricity then. How about the water. Yep, turn off the water, then we'll have more money!" I asked her if she would rather have the water off so she didn't have to take a bath! She gave me that look, like "duh mom"..
And then she said, "Ok, I see you have to pay the bills. How ELSE can we get more money?"
Can you tell what is always on her little mind?

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